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Buying a house can be one of the biggest decisions a person makes in their lifetime.  This decision can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Information is power, and you deserve all the facts before you close on your dream home?  Before you make a decision, read about our inspection process

The price of a home inspection can actually save you money! Given the cost of repairs or the safety of your family, can you afford not to have a qualified, state-licensed inspector look at your house?
You can strengthen your buying position by having a home inspection. The repairs can be negotiated into the price of the home, saving you hundreds, if not tens of thousands, of dollars. Still not convinced? Read up on Why Get A Home Inspection

Why you should get a home inspection

Home inspections are critical if you’re planning to sell your home. Would you like to know what the buyers home inspector will discover? Do you have concerns about a crack? Is it cosmetic or structural? Contact Us to find out with a pre-listing home inspection.

Not all home inspection companies are created equal. A-1 Home Inspections is a Kentucky certified home inspection company with a long track record of providing service to buyers and sellers of home across Central Kentucky. We’ve provided home inspection services to thousands of customers and would love to be your Home Inspection company.

Four basic principals have driven our success as a home inspection company:
Inspect the property with care and technical skill
Educate customers about the home
Inform all those involved through an easy-to-read report
Communicate information in a way that is meaningful, useful, and clear.

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